triple X

Handelsagentur für Bergsport "Ihr Spezialist für Klettern und Bouldern"



„This is not what I do“ is the new message towards the variety of the meanings that E9 wants to convey!

It is useless to deny that we make things right only when body and mind become one, when our head becomes empty and our life becomes a flow of energy that can bring us to the essence!

How many times in extreme circumstances on a problem have we asked ourselves “how did I do it?” almost as if it hadn’t been us, thereby surprising ourselves. It is not “what”, but “how”: the quantity and quality of oneself employed in “doing”; this is the bridge that separates the art from what it is not art.

„I’m the only one who has the truth“.

When „you are“, no one can say that you are wrong, your truth remains the only thing that really matters.

Enjoy the video !!